Netskrt brings years of experience applying cutting-edge technology to solve real-world problems.

The internet still has dark spots. We’re fixing that.

Despite the rapid advances in broadband bandwidth, content delivering and adaptive streaming, there are still places where the internet doesn’t work the way it’s supposed to. Planes and trains are obvious examples but there are many others. Crowded stadiums where fans want to use their mobile devices to watch instant replays. Remote communities fed by satellite. Even many 5G deployments where backhaul bandwidth is insufficient to meet fronthaul demand.


At Netskrt we set out to shine a light on internet dark spots and deliver on the promise of the ubiquitous internet.

Charles Cook
With an experience of over 29 years, Charles is known for his expertise in the financial services industry. Prior to Netskrt, he worked as a partner with Discovery Capital, a venture fund manager in Vancouver, BC, wherein he helped with the management of portfolio companies by assisting in creating value and achieving exits. Charles also assisted portfolio companies of the Fund with structuring finances, completing acquisition, and divestiture transactions.
Discovery Capital, Dundee Securities, Goepel McDermid Securities