Stream your content regardless of where your subscribers go!

Internet Video Providers

The rapid and continuing switch from linear TV to over-the-top (OTT) streaming video has occurred faster than many expected. This places streaming content providers in an enviable market position but there are clouds on the horizon. The ability of their subscribers to enjoy the content they pay for anywhere they go is constrained. In many locations (e.g., planes and trains) it is explicitly blocked. In others (dense stadiums and other venues) it is, at best, intermittent. In most of these cases the problem does not lie with the content provider; other parties such as CDNs, network operators or transportation providers may be to blame. But to the not-so-tech-savvy consumer, the streaming service to which they subscribe gets blamed and it is their brand that is adversely impacted.

The Netskrt edge Content Delivery Network (eCDN)

The Netskrt edge CDN can operate independent of or in conjunction with existing CDNs, either the streaming providers own CDN or third-party CDNs. The result is an open, standards-based approach to extending existing CDNs so that all subscribers can be served regardless of where they are.