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Give your passengers what they really want—streaming internet video


Despite the growing trend toward streaming internet video, most rail and air travelers are locked out. Internet connectivity in these environments is typically so poor that passengers must make do with email and web browsing. To compensate for this shortcoming, many transportation providers provide walled-garden video-on-demand (VOD) systems. But limited, infrequently changing walled-garden VOD libraries pale in comparison to the effectively infinite trove of content already available from streaming internet providers. This places transportation providers—air and rail operators—in a challenging position: limited internet connectivity and stale entertainment choices results in high expense levels but poor customer satisfaction.

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Streaming Video on the Rails: How to Ensure a Great Viewing Experience

The Netskrt edge Content Delivery Network (eCDN)

Netskrt combines cloud-based machine learning with network-aware edge caching to deliver a CDN able to serve rail and air passengers in the same manner they’re served at home. Streaming, ultra-high-definition video from your favorite providers using your own subscriptions.

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