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Netskrt to host interactive panel of ISP leaders at FISPA Live 2024

The year begins with FISPA Live 2024

We are excited to announce that this year Netskrt is a Bronze sponsor of the FISPA Live 2024 conference in New Orleans. A hub for networking, innovation and problem solving, FISPA Live brings together over 180 industry leaders from across the country.

What makes FISPA Live special?

From January 30th to February 2nd, industry leadership and vendor members will gather to address some of the key challenges and opportunities in the market today. Unlike most industry conferences, FISPA Live prioritizes a smaller setting to foster thought leadership and networking. The Fiber Internet Service Providers Association is an organization run by industry board members and built upon trust between supplier and service provider members.

The paradigm shift in consumer behavior

As more end users cut the cable and subscribe to streaming platforms, ISPs are on the leading edge of changing subscriber behavior. The sports licensing industry, in particular, is a good example of how streaming services are impacting ISPs. As streaming services and sports license holders partner to add new revenue streams, they’re also breaking records in live streaming viewership.

For example, Nielsen recently reported that total viewership of Prime Video’s TNF increased 24% over last season (11.86 million vs. 9.58 million). 

The Paramount+  Chiefs-Bills game on Sunday became its most live streamed event in the streaming platform’s history. The game averaged 50 million viewers, peaking at 56.3 million.

What does this mean for ISPs? It’s clear that the shift from traditional to OTT television is happening and live streaming traffic will only continue to grow. While this change presents scaling challenges for ISPs and their networks, there are also business opportunities.

How to adapt your network and identify business opportunities

On Thursday, Feb. 1st at 10:15am, Netskrt will be hosting a panel with three ISP leaders called, “Live sports streaming & your network: are you ready?”

The following ISP leaders will be panelists:

  • Stephen Donovan, Owner at Belzoni Cable
  • Aaron Rodriguez, President & CEO at NOLA Broadband
  • Andrew Monroe, Vice President at Plains Internet

During this conversation, we will discuss the overall landscape of live OTT streaming, the current technologies involved, and the architectural changes required to continue scaling and meeting subscriber expectations.

Join the conversation to learn how these ISP leaders are preparing for this new reality in OTT streaming.

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