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Netskrt heads to Oklahoma City for WISAPMERICA 2024

The year continues with WISPAMERICA 2024

We’re looking forward to attending WISPA’s annual conference WISPAMERICA which takes place at the  Oklahoma City Convention Center this year. You can find our team at Booth #431.

What makes WISPAMERICA unique?

From March 4th to March 7th, ISPs from across the country will bring their teams to WISPAMERICA to get up to speed on the latest technologies, to network, and to stay informed on industry trends.

Industry shift: live streaming is growing

It’s no secret that more and more subscribers are moving from traditional television to streaming services. And to capture this shifting consumer behavior, many major content providers are investing in exclusive content and rights to live sports and other events.

For example, Peacock saw an increase of 3 million subscribers as a result of streaming the NFL’s wildcard playoff game between the Chiefs and the Dolphins.

Additionally, they also broke records in live streaming viewership. In January, Peacock made streaming history with the Dolphins-Chiefs NFL wildcard game – averaging 23 million viewers (making it the most streamed event in US history at the time).

Live Events: see how your ISP can proactively manage network efficiency

Our team members Kevin Walsh and Deborah Delis-Jones will be at WISPAMERICA at Booth #431 ready to answer your questions and share how leading ISPs are improving bandwidth efficiency and ensuring positive subscriber experiences with Netskrt. If you’re ready, click the button below to get a cache, or schedule a meeting with us to learn more.

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