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Netskrt provides edge caching technology for FlytEDGE, Thales’ revolutionary new digital In-flight Entertainment Solution

With Thales FlytEDGE system and Netskrt eCDN airlines can reimagine their passengers’ in-flight entertainment (IFE) experience

  • Thales unveiled FlytEDGE, the industry’s first cloud-based IFE this week, offering airlines an open and agile platform to create unique and immersive experiences.
  • With Netskrt edge caching integrated into FlytEDGE,  airlines can choose to deliver the direct-to-consumer content their passengers are asking for, through the seatback display or over Wi-Fi to a passenger’s personal device and subscription.
  • Airlines can leave behind costly and time-consuming content curation and management processes, leveraging FlytEDGE and Netskrt eCDN for digital content management and distribution.

VANCOUVER, Canada, May 28, 2024 – Netskrt Systems, the leading provider of edge Content Delivery Networks (eCDNs) for streaming video services, today announced that they are providing the cloud based content management and onboard edge caching for Thales’ ground-breaking IFE solution FlytEDGE. The industry’s first connected cloud-based IFE, FlytEDGE, gives airlines a solution designed around the highest levels of personalization – around giving passengers what they want and more.   

How Netskrt works

Passenger Expectations Are Changing

Consumers worldwide have adopted direct to consumer video streaming services, and expect them wherever they go. Until now it has been difficult for airlines to offer onboard video streaming due to high internet access requirements and the impact of streaming video on the In-flight Communications (IFC) resources in general. At the same time, the advantages of traditional content licensing have been decreasing in the face of near infinite content available to consumers through streaming platforms. This trend is making it increasingly difficult for airlines to meet customers’ entertainment and communications expectations.

About FlytEDGE

FlytEDGE is the first solution to feature edge-caching, which solves the video streaming problem by dynamically placing popular content onboard the airlines fleet, optimizing internet capacity for other applications. Passengers can instantly stream their favorite entertainment using their personal video streaming subscriptions on their personal devices or on the seatback screen for best high quality, uninterrupted viewing experience. No matter how many people watch the same content, each title only streams once to the plane’s onboard cache.

“At Thales we’re always at the forefront of innovation, investing in digital technologies, and working with our partners to redefine the inflight experience. With Netskrt’s digital content management and onboard caching, airline customers and their content partners can offer tremendous breadth and depth of entertainment to their passengers.”

“Thales’ FlytEDGE will change the game for In-flight Entertainment, and we are delighted to be part of this cutting-edge cloud platform,.” said Siegfried Luft, CEO, Netskrt Systems.  “We look forward to helping Thales and their airline customers create unique and enjoyable onboard experiences for their passengers.”

Where Netskrt’s eCDN for Air Comes In

Netskrt eCDN for Air contributes to FlytEDGE’s cutting-edge system by providing:

  • Edge caching for streaming without buffering or overloading the IFC system, and creating new opportunities for the IFE and Wi-Fi passenger experience.
  • Cloud-based content management that ensures the most popular content is available on every plane, using digital distribution and intelligent content curation.
  • New possibilities for passenger entertainment, including viewing live sport events onboard, without impacting email, browsing, or other viewing  and communications.

The Netskrt eCDN for Air deploys content delivery intelligence in the cloud and edge caches on the plane, allowing airlines to enhance their customers’ experience with the highest quality on demand and live video streaming to all passengers, whether accessed through the seatback or personalized Wi-Fi  experience.   

AIX attendees looking to create the cabin of the future can learn more about edge caching and cloud-based content management by meeting with Netskrt at stand 4C42 May 28 -30, Hamburg Messe, Germany.

About Netskrt eCDN for Air

The Netskrt eCDN for Air combines cloud-based, title-aware machine learning for content ingestion and distribution, and onboard caching to reduce the network load and deliver high quality viewing experiences. The Netskrt eCDN technology is uniquely designed for the constraints of air environments and transforms content delivery to passengers from time and cost intensive work to a digital, automated process that ensures new, and old content, are ready to delight passengers. 

About Netskrt

Netskrt Systems radically improves the ability for OTT providers to deliver a higher quality viewing experience to all their subscribers, wherever they are, while improving efficiency for the networks delivering the content. For transportation markets, Netskrt brings the rapidly expanding universe of direct-to-consumer streaming internet video on board. Netskrt’s eCDN solution is particularly well suited to live streaming of major sporting events and popular VOD content. Click here for more information about Netskrt.

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